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A Mother’s Perspective: A New Way of Protecting the Future

Anonymously, 04 November 2023

There is a rising demand for more specialized equipment, products, and services to support parents in protecting their children in all phases of life. This was never more apparent than during the numerous baby exhibits that take place each year. These days, these exhibits also provide more and more information about other options and services that can potentially protect our children’s future health.

Parenting with evolving mindsets

Since this was my first time attending a baby-focused exhibition. I was a little surprised when I stumbled into the CryoSave booth.  They offer prospective parents the opportunity to save umbilical cord stem cells in the hope of one day using them to potentially treat some unanticipated illnesses in their child. I must admit that, at first, the CryoSave offering did take me aback (remember, I had just been gazing at playful, soft, fluffy, very saturated patterns of strollers and foot muffs. It, nonetheless, caught my attention, just like the many couples chatting with the representatives.

The information I received made me consider how expecting parents think about potential health problems in their children, during what ought to be a happy and joyous turning point in their lives.

So, why should soon-to-be parents be thinking about storing umbilical cord stem cells?

Prossessing the secret to sustained health.

Known as “primitive cells” that can transform into many other types of cells found within the body, stem cells are being employed in medicine to treat a variety of illnesses, such as certain neurological, blood, metabolic, immunological, and cancerous conditions. Adults’ bone marrow is the primary source of stem cells; however, studies have revealed that the umbilical cord is the source with the highest concentration of stem cells.

CryoSave provides parents with quality service for the harvesting, processing, and storage of their newborn’s stem cells. They provide excellent service in making sure parents are ready for the big day, by timeously delivering the collection kit to your doorstep, collecting the sample once the procedure has been done by the doctor or midwife, then processing the samples, and safely and securely storing the samples after confirming the results with parents. These samples can be stored for 20 years or more. 

CryoSave has many medical partners that do the collection at birth. Even if your doctor or midwife has never done a collection before, they train and assist these partners to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.  The collection of stem cells is a simple non-invasive, safe procedure that takes only minutes to perform straight after birth.

Walking carefully (emotionally)

Given that birth is such a momentous occasion, parents may find it difficult to consider potential future life-threatening disorders before their child is even born, as it requires them to separate their emotions from their logic. However, given the comfort that stem cell banking can provide, it is well worth the decision to do so. If not, the umbilical cord will be discarded as medical waste, and the precious stem cells will be lost.

Businesses in this sector walk a tightrope between giving parents unprecedented opportunities to safeguard their children’s futures and capitalizing on their anxieties about the unknown. Financial considerations also come into play, and given the current economic environment, this places an additional burden on parents when considering banking their baby’s stem cells. CryoSave therefore offers flexible payment plans to provide as many parents as possible with the chance to take up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The potential of stem cells to treat diseases is expected to grow as science and time go on. To learn more about their potential for treating conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and organ engineering, research is currently being conducted. Thus, in the not-too-distant future, what might currently be considered an uncomfortable decision at a very joyful time, might become the standard. As “protecting for the future” takes on new meanings, “banking” for your long-term health may become as popular as “banking” for your child’s future education.