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Our client’s stories


Tracey McGregor

We made contact with CryoSave through their online platform and they responded to our query that very same day and we got the ball rolling. After discussing which package we wanted to take they sent through an application form for us to fill in and we had our stem cell collection kit sent to us a few days later. This was the box that we had to take with us to the Hospital and give to our Gynecologist to take with him to theatre on the day of the birth.

Bailey Schneider

The question was: Should we store Georgie’s stem cells when he is born or shouldn’t we? The idea and hope is that you’ll never have to make use of them, but should something happen, we’d have such peace of mind knowing that his stem cells could save his life. It came down to simply having no regrets and we decided to store his stem cells for 20 years.

Taryn Vollmer

I had a boyfriend when I was younger and he was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 26. His only chance of survival was a bone marrow transplant. He was half Italian and half Scottish so finding a bone marrow match was always going to be a challenge. We managed to find a match in Germany however it wasn’t a 100% match.

A Mother’s Perspective: A New Way of Protecting the Future

There is a rising demand for more specialized equipment, products, and services to support parents in protecting their children in all phases of life. This was never more apparent than during the numerous baby exhibits that take place each year. These days, these exhibits also provide more and more information about other options and services that can potentially protect our children’s future health.

Our client’s testimonials


Derick van Deventer

From the beginning, CryoSave exceeded our expectations with their exceptional customer service. Our contact person was friendly, reachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was patient with us throughout the process and answered all our questions with proficiency. The different payment options that CryoSave has to offer also made the decision for us so much easier. We will recommend CryoSave to everyone that is looking to invest in their child’s future health. Thank you Cryosave and Jessica!

willie van der vyver

Willie & Emmie
van der Vyver

“From the onset, our experience with CryoSave was world-class. The contact person was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and always reachable, providing reliable customer service. We were impressed with the different payment options, and signing up online was simple. Soon after, the collection kit was delivered to our door. The gynaecologists were familiar with CryoSave and the collection process, which provided exceptional peace of mind. The process was stress-free and seamless. We already recommended CryoSave to all our pregnant friends and family!”

devaux bakkes

Deveaux Bakkes

“I recently had a fantastic experience with CryoSave. The entire process was incredibly smooth, and I couldn’t be happier. As a new parent, I highly recommend it. From start to finish, everything was seamless and exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and customer service was exceptional, ensuring a stress-free experience. I am delighted with the outcome, and I can confidently say that CryoSave has given me peace of mind.
I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and satisfying way to store stem cells.”

Natasha Mieny

Natasha Mieny

“The whole journey with Cryosave was just fantastic, the day they had to collect and keeping us up to date with everything. As well as the after sales it is just heart warming to know that our little one’s stem cells are in the hands of wonderful people. Thank you again! And will definitely suggest them to everyone I come across with!”


Belicia van der Walt

“Our baby was an emergency C-section on 36 weeks in 2022 on the easter holiday and Cryosave was still able to arrange everything in less than an hour on a public holiday. Service is definitely what you get and the save keeping of your stem cells. At first, we hesitate if we need to safe keep our baby stem cells, because what if we never used it but then again, what if we need it and it can save our childs life. Then again we don’t know why we hesitate because with family history we needed to know we have more resources to help our child if we need to. This was one of our best decisions made to store our stem cells with Cryosave and our greatest gift to him. It is definitely one of the best investments you as parents can make. Go check them out on Facebook that’s where we heard about them and then we had a meet and greet at the pregnancy awareness day at Emfuleni Medi Clinic.”


Samantha Steele

“CryoSave is a wonderful gift to give your child or children. But what makes it even better is their fantastic staff that guide and assist you every step of the way. The Cryosave system of collecting the stem cells is also very easy. They deliver the box to you (and the courier explains the next steps) and then Cryosave follows up on the next steps until the box is safely returned to their laboratories. All the hospital staff and my OBGYN were very impressed with the ease and efficiency of collection and storage. I cannot recommend CryoSave enough and am grateful for Odette and the other staff who helped me in this process.”


Dean Kruger

“Thank you CryoSave for your excellent service. I am forever grateful for our journey with CryoSave and it was the best choice I have made to store our son’s stem cells with CryoSave.”


Megan Kingon

“CryoSave is nothing short of exceptional. After years of infertility, we wanted to make sure that our little one has access to all the medical resources that she may ever need in the future. The umbilical cord stem cell collection process was so simple and stress free. I ended up needing a c-section, but I was still able to take the kit into theatre. My surgeon even made a comment about how clear and straightforward the collection pack was! Our baby also managed to benefit from a partial delay in her cord clamping, which was such a bonus. The CryoSave staff I spoke to throughout the process were so friendly and helpful, both on the phone and in person. I’m forever grateful that we took advantage of their amazing services!”

nichol pitt

Nichol Pitt

“I am extremely impressed with CryoSave and their commitment to providing excellent service. From start to finish, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. Their dedication to provide families with affordable, life-saving technologies and their state-of-the-art lab is the reason I chose to save my baby’s stem cells with them. I highly recommend CryoSave to anyone who wants to have peace of mind that their baby’s future health is secure and that their stem cells are accessible should it be needed.”

Dr. MC Chisale Mabotja

Dr. MC Chisale Mabotja

“As a medical doctor myself, I have seen a lot of children suffering from conditions that have been proven to be treated through stem cell transplant such as childhood cancers and autism. In 2017 when I was expecting my first child, I read up on stem cell harvesting and storage, then I decided I want to store stem cells for my first child. During the discussion with my obstetrician on the birth plan, I mentioned that I will require stem cell collection during ceasarean section delivery, and my obstetrician was happy with that decision and stated that he also stored stem cells for his children.

In 2020 during COVID-19 hard lockdown, I was expecting my second child. I once more read up on stem cells and how much of the siblings cells can be used on the other sibling, and I felt that even this child deserves to have their stem cells stored. As there are more advances in disease treatment, the need for stem cells will also rise. Once more I made a decision to store stem cells for my lastborn child Khumo. Even during a pandemic when life was full of uncertainities, my husband and I were still certain about storing stem cells for our child.

Today I look at both my children with so much assurance, knowing that they both have stem cells stored at a storage bank for whenever they need them.”

Dr. MC Chisale Mabotja

Anna Colia

“I just feel the need to highlight the incredible service I received from Ms Miller. The guidance she offered throughout our baby’s CryoSave Journey has been outstanding. The journey started with a recommendation from my gynaecologist and then proceeded to Odette highlighting various packages. 

My husband and I were blown away with her patience and diligence to follow up as and when we were caught with work commitments. 

I ended up testing positive for RSV in my last week of pregnancy and Odettes compassion was immeasurable. I was so at ease knowing all is well and under control. Odette checked in on me everyday I was hospitalised and ensured I was at ease and comforted me knowing that she would see to everything for the storing of our baby’s stem cells. My C Section moved up by a week and Odette was on it! I received my CrysoSave box within a day, I was also unable to make the necessary arrangements in my own capacity for my bloods and the collection of the box after the birth of our little boy as he was admitted to NICU.  Odette saw to it all! Lancet was there to take my maternal bloods within less than an hour, the box collected and sent off all under the exceptional delegation of Odette! 

Odette, I can’t thank you enough for this and what you’ve done for baby Alexandro! 

You took the stress & pressure off of me in a time where I needed to give my undivided attention to my baby. You are a rose amongst the thorns and I am so pleased I have had the opportunity to really just leave the process in your hands and all was executed professionally, efficiently and respectfully for the various medical procedures we were busy ungoing. 

Thank you Odette, you certainly made a difference in our birthing experience, you are an incredible asset to CryoSave and I truly hope the company sees this! 

To my fellow preggies mommies, you won’t go wrong working with Odette! What a privilege and I would do it again in a heartbeat for baby number 2 in a few years! “

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